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New Blog?

As some if you may know, I am in processes of moving to London. I use that terminology lightly, as it’s more of a plan, and in currently just saving up. But I have to stay in the US until I finish undergrad, which is in 2017

The question is this? If I started a new tumblr blog about the process, would you follow it??

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so i need new blogs to follow so reblog/like if you post

  • supernatural
  • doctor who
  • sherlock
  • hannibal
  • pretty little liars
  • teen wolf
  • books
  • the fault in our stars
  • vlogbrothers
  • starkid musicals
  • hunger games
  • merlin
  • divergent
  • harry potter
  • star trek
  • crappy jokes and puns
  • crossovers
  • city of bones
  • johnlock
  • destiel & sabriel
  • alec/magnus
  • avengers
  • anything with benedict cumberbatch
  • or tom hiddleston
  • or loki
  • anything marvel really

i reblog mainly fandom stuff and stupid stuff i find funny.

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